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Car Bluetooth Audio Charger

DC 12V~24V input
3 USB ports power output
2 ports 5V/2.4A output, and 1 port 5V/1A output
Finding the last parking location of the car
Log car battery voltage status by day, by week, or by month

FM Bluetooth transmitter for playing wireless music direct from smartphone to your car stereo audio system

•Free iOS and Android Car Parking Finder APP



Car Bluetooth Audio Charger

- 2.4A/5V power output

- Car parking finder
- FM Bluetooth transmitter 

Product Specification
Buy 1 Average Unit  $ 100
Original Price 200   Save $ 100


This product can not only provide 2 slots 5V/2.4A, and 1 slot 5V/1A power supply, but also provides a very attractive and useful features to let users use Car Parking Finder APP available for free on iOS and Android to easily find their car last parking location and log car battery voltage status from their handy Smartphone conveniently.In addition, you can use the APP to set channel the same as FM Radio frequency to enjoy your favorite music.



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